What does a Christian view of economics look like?  Join me in January 2021 for this half-credit high school level course and find out!  We'll explore "honest" money, the imperative of private property in order to fulfill the stewardship commands of Scripture, and look at many of the most common fallacies surrounding how "money" works.  This class features an historical perspective on economic policy in America up through the New Deal along with assignments addressing current economic events and issues.  A class OVERVIEW including a book and supply list is available now

Principles of Economics DEPOSIT ONLY

  • Full access to this .5 Credit course is $200; your $50 non-refundable deposit applies to that total.


    This 15-week, self-paced course is designed for high school students to receive a half credit in Economics and will be available online beginning in January 2021. An OVERVIEW including a book and supply list is available now.


    You'll have access to the course content along with LOTS of extra resources. Included for parents are detailed rubrics and sample assignments to use in evaluating completed homework as well as access to an online gradebook for ease of calculating and maintaining a running average.


    I'm also available by phone or email to consult with you or your student throughout the course - it's my pleasure to talk all things "economics!"

  • On the third Tuesday of each month beginning in January 2021, I'll teach Economics "live" in Orlando.

    The class runs from 1-3 pm at Conway First Baptist Church and there is an additional $50 fee to participate. ($25 donation to the church; $25 to cover my travel and copies that are supplied to live class students)