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About Me

Inspired by Psalm 78 and with a passion for illuminating God's Hand in History for young people and adults alike, I am privileged to conduct tours of important sites in American history and to provide History, Humanities, Government and Economics courses for home educated high-school students.  


Whether we’re standing on the shores of St. Augustine or on a gun battery at Yorktown Battlefield, in the streets of Williamsburg or the halls of Congress, I so enjoy making the story of God's providence alive and tangible.  It's a joy to me to tell the stories of God's mighty works both in class and standing in the very places where they took place. . . where real people of years past were used by Him to accomplish His purpose.

I love working with private school and home education group leaders to plan the tour that best fits as a follow-on to their studies of American History, Florida History, or Government. Included with every tour is a video-based  pre-trip seminar, designed such that both parents and students are well-prepared for what they will see and experience. These truly are “Field Study Tours” with a strong educational focus, but are also SO much fun in the process!

I am wife to Brett, who recently retired from a 30 year career with Sea World-Orlando, mom to Kaylyn, a home education graduate and master's degree candidate at Liberty University, and added "mom-in-love" to my resume in 2016, when Kaylyn married her college sweetheart, Ryan.  In recent years, I served as a director of TEAM Home School Cooperative in St. Cloud,  State Coordinator for TeenPact Leadership Schools, and Field Director for Florida Family Action.  These days, I'm focused primarily on serving families through classes, field study tours and providing educational resources!

Please be in touch. . .

Thanks so much for being in touch! I will respond shortly.

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