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"As I have pondered the stories and historical events that you shared with the group, my heart is full of wonder at God's Providence throughout the history of our nation...The trip was one of the best things I have ever done."           


"Thanks for everything you have given my family over the years. You have blessed us in more ways than you can imagine. In fact, I don't think I could have navigated the current tumultuous times without the historical clarity that I have gained from walking with my boys through your class. You are a precious gift sweet lady. I hope that the next set of families that you walk through history with will recognize how they have been blessed to get the opportunity to take your class."             -The Neath Family


"You have inspired our entire family to a lifetime commitment of learning the truth about our heritage and thereby, passing it on to the coming generations."


"I'll go anywhere with you! You have touched our family forever."


"Before I joined Mrs. Caruso’s class, I had viewed history as a collection of dates and events that never truly impacted my view on the future.  I was almost immediately in awe of her infectious passion for truth and extensive knowledge of history. She had stories and anecdotes that related to almost everything we learned about, which made the information easier to understand and remember. I truly began to understand the importance of knowing our nation’s history, especially now in such times of unrest. Through her assignments and conversations with me, Mrs. Caruso challenged me to grow as a student, a Christian, and a citizen of the United States of America.  Her classes are invaluable in our current society. I have since referenced my binders from her World History class and Government/Economics class many times. For example, in my freshman year of college, I took an American Government class with an extremely liberal professor. When information in the college course did not line up with what I had learned, I was able to critically analyze what my professor was teaching using the resources from Mrs. Caruso’s class, such as my lecture notes, actual founding documents for the United States, and my copy of the Constitution. In my everyday life, I have also been able to use the passion and knowledge that Mrs. Caruso instilled in me, instead of falling into political complacency on a college campus."        -Anna Walker

"This was a fantastic field trip and great company to share it with. Our kids loved it-thanks so much!"


"I always like to hear Mrs. Caruso teach. The whole trip was a wonderful experience."                                                                                           – Jonathan, 12 year old student

"Our family had the privilege of traveling with Laura Caruso and our homeschool co-op group on a providential tour of many historical sites in Washington D.C., Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, and Mt. Vernon. It was the best family trip we have ever taken! Laura has a way of bringing history alive as she dramatically tells how it really unfolded, unlike we were taught in school years ago. She shared how God’s providential hand guided men, women, and events as they really happened. Laura is very knowledgeable, engaging, organized, and experienced in leading groups and explaining details that make you want to hear more! I highly recommend signing up to go on an adventure of a lifetime in providential history. You and your high school or college student will not be disappointed!"                                                       - Jan from South Carolina


“Thank you for giving my family a vision for God’s hand in Florida’s history.  Our St. Augustine trip is one of the highlights of our year!”


 “The way you bring everything back to God’s sovereign plan and the conviction and sacrifice of these people . . . and even the sad stories of consequences of sinful men…all so appropriate for godly character building in the students (and parents).”


“When we went into the fort, I was amazed to see how BIG it was!  Standing there, I realized that I was standing where soldiers had fought, where Indians were held, where important people had stood, and I felt super small.  Then you said that each of us is as important as Ponce de Leon or George Washington.  I hope I can help make history right now.  Thank you again for a wonderful, memorable trip!” 

                                                                                - Kayla, 11 year old student


 “We were honored to be a part of HIStory while learning about HIStory.  The manner in which you incorporate scripture and the gospel message with such passion and enthusiasm was truly beautiful…”

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