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A Great Gift is at Stake-Act Today!

Perhaps you're still wrapping up the last minute ordering....making sure that friends and family will be delighted with a thoughtful gift showing them how much you love them. I'm all in! It's a beautiful Christmas tradition....but, in this moment, may I suggest that the best Christmas gift you can give your children....your friends....your to fight for their God-given liberty. Even in small ways. And now is the time!

While we can absolutely rest in the sovereignty of God over all of His-Story, we also recognize that God uses men and nations to accomplish His purpose! So now is not the time to bury our heads in the sand but to be willing to be an instrument in His hand.

Friends, we're truly at a turning point in American history...

There was unprecedented, documentable unconstitutional action taken by several states in changing federal election procedures in their states without their state legislature's approval (as required in Article 2, Section 1, Clause 2 of the Constitution). There was also substantial, documentable fraud in many states that changed the outome of the presidential election. Here is a just-released REALLY READABLE AND WELL-DOCUMENTED REPORT by White House Advisor Peter Navarro. The chart in this paragraph is excerpted from the report. It's worth sharing.

Yes - this is absolutely political but that it is also a spiritual battle...a gargantuan struggle between good and evil. I believe the Biden/Harris campaign told us the truth when they adopted the slogan "Fighting for the Soul of America."

I hope you're praying regularly. But I'd also encourage you to take two simple actions.

1. Read the wonderful article by John Zmirak "Do We Still Have A Chance To Stop the Steal?" so that you can understand the very narrow but legitimate constitutional path that's required now for confronting and defeating the illegalities and fraud. After reading it you'll see very clearly that our constitutional system is brilliant, but it requires courageous men and women to hold to its provisions. The Supreme Court has now failed dramatically to uphold its duty as have many governors, secretaries of state etc.

However..... there are brave legislators in many of the disputed states still fighting and a growing list of US representatives (led by Mo Brooks of Alabama) who have promised to object to any fraudulent electoral votes when Congress meets and Senate President Mike Pence counts them in order to certify on January 6th. May God bless and protect these patriots! But the opportunity to object to the fraud and force all members of Congress to vote on the issue requires at least ONE SENATOR join the representatives.

2. So, I'm asking you to email at least one US Senator and request that they object on January 6th and start talking about it now in order to encourage others! I've even supplied a sample email at the very end of this post. Senator Rand Paul has hinted that he might be willing and Senator Ted Cruz may as well. Please CONTACT SENATOR RAND PAUL encouraging him to fight for truth and not allow the Executive Branch to be stolen. Emphasize the need for bold patriots in this moment and that you're counting on him. CONTACT SENATOR CRUZ with the same message! It can be short - just do it! These two are probably most important as they're the most likely to actually fight, defying their own party's REPUBLICAN SENATE LEADER MITCH McCONNELL who is urging senators not to object in spire of the compelling evidence presented in ongoing Capitol Hill hearings.

I believe FEAR (for political effectiveness in the future, for wellbeing of themselves and their family) is what is holding some genuinely concerned legislators. Serious threats to whistleblowers and elected officials are emerging regularly - there is so much at stake and the enemy is holding nothing back. Guys - they are facing a real turning point in their own lives and it's important to acknowledge that. Truly courageous men and men are needed in this hour....those who are willing, like the founders to pledge "lives, fortunes and sacred honor" and they need to know that you are with them!

Senator Scott of Florida was interviewed last night (12/16 Greg Kelly show on Newsmax) on this issue and asked if he would be an "objector." Not surprisingly, he was non-committal, indicating that he believed there was certainly fraud, alluding to his personal experience with fighting election fraud in Florida and how FL had to fire two Supervisors of Elections who had engaged in illegal activity. Senator Scott knows this is real. He has personal experience with Democrat fraud nearly costing him elections.....yet, didn't want to commit to object on January 6th when asked. He said he was still "collecting information" from the ongoing Congressional hearings. Please CONTACT Senator Scott and urge him to fight as a patriot. Let him know that you're standing with him. I'm not sure where Senator Rubio stands either, but I'm CONTACTING Senator Rubio as well.

It's an historic time in America....let's do our part to preserve the incredible legacy of liberty that has been passed down to us with, as William Bradford wrote, "so much hardship."


Dear Senator Paul,

I am incredibly impressed with your understanding of the threats of our day and your dogged determination to stand for liberty and American values in the face of political opposition and even physical attacks. I watched in horror as you were targeted in the street after the Republican Convention finale in DC and yet, you fight on. You are a hero for liberty in a time when our country is hungry for heroes - no STARVING for them....for real leaders who will act to preserving OUR liberties. Now, we find ourselves at an historic juncture and we need a hero - a Patrick Henry - to stand with "give me liberty" conviction and OBJECT TO THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL and FRAUDULENT ELECTORAL VOTES on January 6th.

I'm asking you to stand firm against blatant unconstitutional action by states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota who changed federal election rules without the consent of their legislatures, in direct contradiction of Article 2, Section 1, Clause 2 of the Constitution. In addition, there has been significant and results-changing evidence presented of widespread voter fraud in these states as well as in Georgia and Arizona.

I know this is a huge ask and that it's politically costly. It's worth it. I - and millions more- are with you!

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