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There's so much to learn about God's plan for government. . . starting with the fact that the word "government" encompasses much more than what we normally think!   "Government," with specific jurisdictions, is ordained not just in the civil arena but in the family, in the church and in our individual lives. Civil government is just ONE of those God-ordained spheres of direction and control and God's Word has a good deal to say about how it should work. In fact, ALL those forms of government ultimately find their authority in Christ and are only a blessing to those they serve as they follow His commands. That goes for you and me individually, our families and our churches just as it applies to our city councils, state legislatures and federal authorities.


This detailed SYLLABUS explains how we'll trace the "big ideas" of civil government from Scripture through their expression in biblical history to their development in English Common Law, preservation in Magna Charta and then rapid advance during the time of the Reformation.  Those ideas are what were rooted in colonial America and would eventually bear fruit in the American republic! 


We'll explore the roots of the ideas that bring true civil liberty to a people:  a civil government limited to its biblical role of justice and protection,  formed by voluntary consent, supported by representation, and accountable to those who have formed it. 


"For the LORD is our judge; the LORD is our lawgiver;

the LORD is our king; he will save us."

Isaiah 33:22


NOTE: This class is pre-recorded, video-based and hosted on the Canvas platform.

American Government

  • Full access to this .5 Credit course is $200. However, please don't "Add to Cart" as I no longer take online payment through my website.


    Instead, read over the SYLLABUS first to be sure you understand parent requirements for the class : )  Then, you can register by printing out THIS REGISTRATION FORM. Instructions for "offline" payment via check or Venmo are on that form (or email me if you have questions).


    This 15-week, self-paced course is designed as a providential and principled approach for high school students to receive a half credit in American Government. A detailed SYLLABUS is available with course overview, book list and registration information.


    Feel free to begin at any time; you'll have a full year of access (more if needed) to the web-based 15-week class, along with LOTS of extra resources.


    A physical "Parent Pack" will be mailed to you which contains weekly teaching tips, detailed rubrics and sample assignments to use in evaluating homework and coaching your student(s) towards excellence. You'll also have access to an online gradebook for ease of calculating and maintaining a running average and for grade reporting if needed.


    I'm also available by phone or email to consult with you or your student throughout the course - it's my pleasure to talk all things "governmental!"


  • Watch THIS Video Orientation for more information!  Feel free to skip around if you don't need ALL the details ; )

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