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What a great year we have to look forward to! Together, we'll study the roots of American liberty along with the fascinating circumstances and people that God used to establish and grow our nation. It's my absolute favorite thing to teach and I hope it'll prove to be a blessing to you too!


In 1848, recognized historian G.G. Hebbe published a history textbook to be used in American schools. Titled An Universal History, Hebbe wrote that by studying history we would be "amply rewarded as we discern the hand of our Heavenly Father and recognize with grateful hearts, the wisdom and goodness of the plan He has prescribed" (Hebbe 10).


Isn't that something?!  Hebbe is saying that by STUDYING HISTORY, we'll actually learn about God! He's talking about Divine Providence here....the fact that God uses men and nations to bring about His purpose and plan. Goodness! To think that we actually used to teach history that way in our country!  Hebbe went on to say that the study of history "while enriching us with an inestimable knowledge of past generations, also leads us to a better acquaintance with God" (Hebbe 562). Wow! That is my prayer for all of us this year: that our study of America's story will not only expand our base of "knowledge" but that we will attain the higher goal of "wisdom," as we recognize God's Hand in the story and come to "a better acquaintance with" the character of the one true God.


Here's what the famous English pastor Charles Spurgeon (who lived about the same time as Hebbe) had to say about "wisdom" and "knowledge":


"Wisdom is the right use of knowledge. To know is not to be wise. Many men know a great deal, and are all the greater fools for it. There is no fool so great a fool as a knowing fool. But to know how to use knowledge is to have wisdom."


"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding."   Proverbs 9:10


America's Providential History & Its Expression in the Arts is a 1.5 credit class that is video-based, pre-recorded and self-paced, hosted on the Canvas platform. It can be started at any time.  Designed for high school students to receive a full American History credit and a half credit of Humanities, it's a providential and principled approach to American History. 






American History and Its Expression in the Arts

  • Full access to this 1.5 Credit course is $400.  However, please don't "Add to Cart" as I no longer take online payment through my website.


    Instead, read over the SYLLABUS first to be sure you understand parent requirements for the class : ) Then, you can register by printing out THIS REGISTRATION FORM. Instructions for "offline" payment via check or Venmo are on that form (or email me if you have questions).

    "Providential American History and Its Expression in the Arts" is designed for high school students to receive a full American History credit and a half credit of Humanities. It's a providential and principled approach. Please click this link for a detailed SYLLABUS with course overview & book list.


    Feel free to begin at any time; you'll have a full year of access (more if needed) to the web-based 30-week class, along with LOTS of extra resources.


    A physical "Parent Pack" is also included which contains weekly teaching tips, detailed rubrics and sample assignments to use in evaluating homework and coaching your student(s) towards excellence.  You'll also have access to an online gradebook for ease of calculating and maintaining a running average and for grade reporting if needed.


    I'm also available by phone or email to consult with you or your student throughout the course - it's my pleasure to talk all things "HIS-story!"

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