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“No King but King Jesus!”  Did you know that motto was one of the rallying cries of the Massachusetts patriots? 

What brought them to that place in 1776 can be traced backwards through the Great Awakening. . . through earlier amazing interventions of God’s providence to preserve the people of New England. . . and all the way back to the covenantal ideas brought to Massachusetts shores by the first Pilgrims and Puritans.


We’ll walk in the very footsteps of men and women like Pilgrim Governor William Bradford, Elder William Brewster, Squanto, Cotton Mather, Phillis Wheatley, Paul Revere, John Hancock, John & Abigail Adams and one of my all-time favorites:  his cousin Sam Adams!    We’ll stand in the very place where Pastor George Whitefield preached in Boston to record crowds during the Great Awakening and we’ll be reminded of why the seeds that were planted then would bear fruit just 25 years later in places like Faneuil Hall and the Old South Meeting House and Lexington Green.  It was no accident that the first “minutemen” to stand against British abuses were all under the discipleship of a principled pastor from Lexington: Reverend Jonas Clark.  In fact, he said that he had “prepared his men for that very day.”  Let’s talk about how he did that!  My hope is, as always, that this will be a super fun, memorable experience together but also that it will be an experience that reminds us of the foundations of our liberty and helps to “prepare us for that very day” as well!
This is a FULLY GUIDED trip with all of your logistics planned and includes:
  • Visit to the Mayflower II ship, Plimoth Plantation & Plymouth Museum
  • Tour of John Adams and John Quincy Adams family homes in Quincy
  • Lexington and Concord battlefields
  • Guided tour of Boston's Freedom Trail with Mrs. Caruso including interior visits to the Old North Church, Old State House Museum, Old South Meeting House & the Paul Revere House
  • Private Motorcoach Tour with guided stops at:  Bunker Hill Monument, Harvard University and the Museum of Fine Art (emphasis on colonial artists)  
  • 3 nights lodging  in quad occupancy room (2 nights in Plymouth & 1 in Lexington; you'll book your own Boston hotel)
  • All tickets, reservations, entrance fees, and gratuities
  • Video seminar for students & parents with study packet on relevant history, art, & architecture
  •  On site Christian history instruction 

Providence and Patriots in New England: A 6-Day Field Study Tour

  • Once you've registered, I'll send you the links to the video seminar along with your student notesheet packet.

  • To view or download a sample trip "flyer" with itinerary, pricing and more, click right HERE.

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