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Isn't self-government a "community standard"?

Saw a live interview with these two docs last night. I was interested because I'd previously posted their video. By the end of the show, their viral (5 million views) video had been removed by YouTube for "violating community standards."

Folks, it's fine to raise legitimate scientific questions or to disagree about statistical analysis, but "science" is not helped by censorship.

This reflects a dangerous attitude and a "real-life example" of a view of civil government that I hope my students will recognize. It is the assumption that men must be controlled EXTERNALLY for the "collective good" by their intellectual those most "evolved," "enlightened" and "progressive." Dissenting from the official position becomes an existential threat to the "order" and "good" that they know best how to establish and it then justifies all kinds of violations of individual rights and liberties. I mean, does it bother anyone else to hear the condescending tone of Governor Whitmer when she threatens extending the stay at home orders if protestors don't stop showing up at the capitol? Or that same tone from Governor Newsom in regards to beaches? It sounds like a parent sending a kid to time out. . . because it's the reflection of an authoritarian worldview - that you need controlling because you can't possibly make informed decisions for yourself! There's a reason that view is called the "nanny state."

Folks, you were created to govern yourself INTERNALLY....that's called "self-government" and it leads to liberty. We practice it all the time with our kids....working with them to bring them to a place of maturity and "self control," where they're prepared to live well with the privileges of liberty in society. And while the argument can be made that we need more of this (we do), I don't know y'all, I'm really not ready to give up on Americans and common sense. I believe that people are reasonable, that they can be expected and trusted to take in information, evaluate it and make good decisions in order to govern their own lives well and protect themselves from the tyranny of an overstepping civil government.

Our founders believed that too and they counted on it - hence the 1st Amendment, guaranteeing freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly and the right to PETITION our government for redress of grievances. But for the 1st Amendment to work.....for self-government to work, the marketplace of ideas must be open and legitimate dissenting views must be considered. Quite frankly, the future of our republic depends on it.

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